terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Before I start anything I'd like to say that I'm one of the biggest fans of Twinsanity and I would like to thank Traveler's Tales for creating such epic game as this. The game itself has a lot of pontential to be one of the best in series if they didn't removed half of their ideas. It sucks they didn't had time to finish the game, it could have been the best non-Naughty Dog released game ever. 

  • Platforms: PlayStation 2 / Xbox
  • Genre: Free-roaming Platformer
  • Developed by: Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio 
Note: This game's story continues where The Wrath of Cortex left off.

Three years have passed since Crash Bandicoot last defeated Dr. Cortex, who managed to escape with his master Uka Uka by landing on a frozen Antarctic wasteland. As fate would have it, both ended up frozen and drifting away through the seas, eventually arriving to the warm waters of their home archipelago. After Cortex defrosts, he decides to get rid of the bandicoot by himself, once and for all.
Cortex joins Crash to defeat a greater evil.
Later in N. Sanity Island, Crash's sister Coco plays happily near their house. What she's unaware of is that Cortex spies nearby with his little eye. He sets his ray-gun to 'stun' and zaps Coco with it. She becomes unable to move, and Cortex begins the next step of his ingenious plan.
Crash is somewhere at the beach, digging holes in the sand and acting as carefree as he used to three years ago. He suddenly hears a voice calling him. It is none other than Cortex, cleverly disguised as Coco. He tricks Crash into following him to the other side of the bay. When they arrive, Cortex removes the disguise and reveals himself to Crash. Confused, Crash has no choice but to battle Cortex. All of this is just another day in their lives, but little did they know that things were about to take a wild turn.
After a series of mishaps, they are confronted by a pair of weird bird-like creatures. They call themselves The Evil Twins, and they're out to get Cortex and destroy the islands. After showing their surreal powers to Cortex, he runs off faster than Papu Papu to a boar barbecue.
Who are these new enemies? And what business do they have with Cortex? Cortex seeks the answer to these questions, and because he's so terrified of the Twins, he decides to ask Crash for help. Never one to hold a grudge, Crash accepts to help Cortex, if it means getting rid of the Twins and saving his island home. An unlikely alliance is forged, and both bandicoot and evil scientist aim for the same goal, cooperating reluctantly.

 CAST - Main Characters:
  • Crash Bandicoot (no voice actor)

  • Dr. Neo Cortex (Lex Lang)

  • Dr. Nitrus Brio (No voice actor)

  • Evil Crash (No voice actor) 

  • Pinstripe (No voice actor) 

  • Tiny Tiger (No voice actor) 

  • Crunch Bandicoot (No voice actor) 

  • Nitros Oxide (No voice actor) 

  • Polar (No voice actor) 

  • Koala Kong (No voice actor) 

  • Ripper Roo (No voice actor) 

  • Tawna (No voice actor)  (NOTE: There was no in-game model)


  • Experimental Frog

  • Monkey 

  • Hologram Probe

  • Fish


  • Guard Dog 

  • Penguin 

  • Crab 

  • Venus Fly Trap 

    Grouchy Skunk.png
  • Skunk

  •  Worm

  • Ant Drones

  • Turtle (Demo version only)

  • Rat 

  • Tribesmen 

  • Bat

  • Barrel Throwing Rhino 

  • Robot Dummy

  • Robot Janitor

  • Beetle

Removed Characters:

  • Evil Coco - Evil Coco is Coco's 10th dimension self. She is a deleted character from Crash Twinsanity. Not much is known about her except that she is isn't that smart, flirtatous and may or may not be Evil Crash's sister.

  •  Ant leader - The Ant Leader was the original main Antagonist of Crash Twinsanity instead of the Evil Twins. He would be larger than the other Ants and have four arms. He is seen in concept art with some others smaller ants. 

  • Good Cortex - Good Cortex is a cut alternate dimension Cortex from Crash Twinsanity, where an alarmed Cortex would accidentally disentagrate him with his Ray Gun after welcoming them to the Tenth Dimension.

  •  Capu Capu - Capu Capu is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity. He owns an N. Sanity Island tour boat to take Crash to the Iceberg Lab or N. Sanity Island. He might also be the one that says "Come in my boat furry man. I will take you to the other place", but this is only seen with subtitles.

  • Komodo Brothers - The Komodo Brothers would appear in the Tenth Dimension challenging you to race them. Probably, the Lava Caves level. However, it got cut later after being classified "'too difficult'.

  • Flying Swordfish - Flying Swordfish are enemies cut from Crash Twinsanity. They would have appeared pursuing Crash and Cortex on a hoverboard in a canyon in the Tenth Dimension. They are assumed to be allied with The Evil Twins.